This is my webpage where you can find information about my academic life. Originally I come from Ukraine. I graduated from high school in Ukraine and moved to Moscow. In Moscow, I obtained my bachelor degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics (cum laude) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies (MIPT). My master degree in Physics I obtained in
Delft Technical University, The Netherlands. I received my doctoral degree from the University of Twente at COPS group. Currently, I am working at Harvard University as the PostDoctoral fellow. Here you can find my publication list. Here you can find my LinkedIn profile.

Scientific interest:
– White LEDs
– Diffusion of light
– Multiple scattering of light
– Radiative transfer theory
– Light propagation in the materials that are typically used for white LEDs
– Solid State Lighting
– Mesoscopic physics
– Transport of electrons in mesoscopic physics
– Quantum mechanics
– Fluid dynamics